The Evolution of Sound

A live-streaming perpetual sonic art installation created by Metropilis Ensemble and commissioning a new weekly contributor.


This Week's Curator

Concepción Huerta

Concepción Huerta is a multidisciplinary artist with a strong background in audiovisual media and a deep focus on the sound spectrum. Her work is developed in different practices such as: sound
design, installations, spatialized concerts, speculative narratives and immersive experiences. His approach to sound begins by reflecting on the relationship between silence-noise, political space, and the sound agent as a means of enunciation. She also investigates resonance, acoustic space and the physical and psychological impact of sound in relation to the listener.

Her sound exploration is through recordings of everyday objects (foleys) and instruments such as synthesizers, which when played and manipulated with tape recorders and processed tapes, create atmospheres based on elements of ambient and noise. She creates sound narratives, which rather than being inserted into a specific musical genre, are closer to the construction of an imagined story. Incorporating the study of synthesis, electricity, voltage, formats and materiality as part of their approach to sound. Exploring it from the most elemental level and how it can be
translated by creating technological bridges between analogue and digital processes.

Member of the experimental ensemble Amor Muere with Gibrana Cervantes, Camille Mandoki and Mabe Fratti, with whom she has collaborated in several publications. Collaborating in sound with diverse artists such as: Fernado Vigueras, Rodrigo Ambriz, Martin Escalante, CNDSD, Resonancia, Reick Reed, Tommi Keränen, Camilo Angeles, Leslie Garcia, Daniela Huerta among others.

"The sacredness of all dimensions of life" is a project of speculative and immersive narratives with Anahy Cabrera a.k.a. ZETA who is a transmedia artist with an immersive approach. Developing different projects such as: "TRAVELERS", "The Earth Has Memory" and "GRIETAS" (this last project is also conformed by the sound artists: Lucia Hinojosa and Vania Fortuna). Publications on labels: "Cueva de Cristales" Vorágine in 2018, "Internal Capacity" with Mabe Fratti 2018, TANDEM : 4 CNDSD + Concepción Huerta on ETANG BRULANT, "Personal Territories" on Static Discos in 2019, "Lost Time"on Filiae 2020, "Estática" duo with Mabe Fratti on SA Recordings and Spitfire audio 2021, "Desciende" duo with Camilo Angeles TVL REC 2022, "Harmonies from Betelgeuse" at UMOR REX 2022, "A Time to Love, A Time to Die" with her ensemble Amor Muere at Scrawl 2023, "The Earth Has Memory" at Elevator Bath 2024.

Festivals and venues where she has performed in America, Europe and Asia: VOLTA, Meditatio Sonus, Desbordamientos, Traslaciones II, Articulaciones del Silencio, UMBRAL, Aural, REMANENCIA, Matik, Coaxial Arts, Center 4 New Music, Molten Plains, MUTEK 2019, 2022, NRMAL, No idea Festival, Bucarelli 69, EXT, AUDITUM, Audio Foundation, Laboratorios Sonoros UNAM, Poesía en Voz Alta, Rewire, Roter Salon, Cafe OTO,
Beboerhuset, Volksbühne, Fylkingen among others.

About the Project


Keepers is a perpetual music installation based on Jakub Ciupinski's concept and design. Commissioned, created, and launched by Metropolis Ensemble in response to COVID-19, Flame Keepers runs uninterrupted in real time, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Invited artists are commissioned weekly to serve as musical custodians and creators, or Flame Keepers, tasked with supplying new original material every seven hours. As a result, the piece will evolve as an open-ended collective composition designed to run forever.

We intend the Flame Keepers experience to be a virtual bonfire shared by a group of strangers worldwide, a concert that never ends, made in, and especially for, times of hardship and social isolation.

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